Clinician’s Compass & Treatment Process Data

Using Patient Collaboration Score with Patient Compliance Variables


Robin McKenzie liked to say, “My patients taught me all I know.” This was McKenzie’s generous way of saying that even when a patient is given their ideal stage specific Spinal Preference Maneuver there are still multiple ways that rehabilitation progress can and will be derailed by poor patient compliance. Clinician’s Compass renders a patient collaboration score and tracks the effects of Murphy’s Law in the form of Treatment Process Data. In MIPT Network we belief that it is of vital importance that MDT Clinicians first explores without bias all of the variables related to Directional Preference using Spinal Compass but then they must also integrate the tracking and scoring of patient compliance variables to improve patient collaboration in order to consistently obtain good outcomes. Spinal Compass utilizes variables related to Directional Preference to direct the MDT Clinician to each patient’s Spinal Preference Maneuver but the Clinician’s Compass controls the treatment process thereafter by tracking and scoring patient collaboration.

Clinician's Compass aims to track patient treatment data.

Create better patient + clinician collaboration by using data.

Improve patient outcomes using Clinicians Compass.

Physician explaining the spine


Clinician’s Compass addresses and scores the five most important patient compliance variables that most commonly derail patient progress on each and every follow up visit where improved collaboration scores over time correlates with improved outcomes. Patient compliance carries with it the assumption that a patient is not cooperative but if a clinician fails to educate their patient in all the ways that they can collaborate in the treatment process then even the perfect maneuver can result in less than optimal outcomes. Robin McKenzie had a charisma about him where at times his patients would literally bend over backwards to collaborate in the treatment process. In MIPT Network we believe that patients are not generally uncooperative but rather they often fail to understand how they can best contribute to the treatment process.

Robin McKenzie knew how to bring out the best in his patients and in like manner, MIPT Network takes MDT to the next level to where it’s no longer just MDT but rather MDT plus Clinician’s Compass. MIPT Network not only utilizes the McKenzie Institute Lumbar Spine Assessment form but also tracks Treatment Process Data during follow up appointments using Clinician’s Compass. Clinician’s Compass fills the gap between the MDT Assessment System and MDT Outcomes and is the missing link between what is seen in research by MDT Diplomates and what occurs in small town USA by MDT Credentialed Clinicians.



MIPT Network is unique in that it tracks objective Treatment Process Data and performs a Risk Adjustment to outcomes data correlating patient and clinician collaboration with functional outcomes using Clinician’s Compass and the Lumbar Stress Test.

Without a risk adjustment for poor patient compliance then all of the weight of the outcome falls on the shoulders of the MDT Clinician. In MIPT Network we share the responsibility for quality control with our patients and we track it in a collaboration score. The Centralization Phenomenon in theory directs the MDT Clinician to the perfect Spinal Preference Maneuver but where in reality the patient also affects the outcome in multiple ways for which there must be an adjustment. In MIPT Network, theory becomes reality where we alone have figured out how to objectively score patient collaboration using the Clinician’s Compass. At MIPT, we can measure Functional Recovery of Disc Design using the Lumbar Stress Test where at discharge risk adjustment empowers us to compare apples to apples not lemons to oranges. Clinician’s Compass and patient collaboration not only applies to the lumbar spine but to treatment of all musculoskeletal disorders in the MDT system of care. In a time of Evidenced Based Medicine where data is king, Clinician’s Compass scores five proprietary variables during each follow up visit where subjective variables have no place in MIPT Network. At MIPT, we believe that Bias free MDT plus Clinician’s Compass holds the key to providing quality control to our corporate clients.