Mechanical Inceptions Physical Therapy

A paradigm shift from exercises to spinal maneuvers.

MIPT Network brings hope to patients looking for non-surgical solutions.

Mechanical Inceptions Physical Therapy Network supports the teaching of Robin McKenzie. If he were alive today, we would hope that he would say that MIPT Network (pronounced My PT Network) is fulfilling his vision that he had so many years ago. MIPT Network brings hope to patients looking for non-surgical solutions by way of the many Mechanical Inceptions taught by the McKenzie Institute International and although Mac's Mechanical Inceptions may be branded with the trademarks of MIPT, we believe that the better interest of Bias Free MDT is at the heart of Spinal Compass, Spinal Preference Maneuvers, Clinician’s Compass and the Compass Critique. In MIPT Network, we stand on the shoulders of giants where all of our clinicians have either a Credential or Diploma in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT). Therefore in MIPT Network, we MDT Clinicians collectively carry the baton which is the Legacy of Robin McKenzie serving corporations invested in their employee’s welfare.

Who we serve

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MIPT is not satisfied with the status quo. 

We strive to provide high performance healthcare taking MDT to the next level using Spinal Compass and Clinician’s Compass as quality control tools because spinal rehabilitation requires collaboration between the MDT Clinician and the patient. MIPT Network is unique in that we alone track patient compliance using a patient collaboration score that correlates to functional outcomes that are objectively measured using the Lumbar Stress Test thus ensuring Functional Recovery of Disc Design. At MIPT, we do not believe that pain is an imaginary thing that can be subjectively measured on an imaginary pain scale. At MIPT we believe that pain impairs function and therefore, it can be objectively measured using units of time, speed and distance while walking. While others may be going in circles, MIPT has Spinal Compass.

MIPT Network is your PT Network, and so it’s our PT Network.

In MIPT we take this slogan to heart with the understanding that it is only with steadfast commitment to a higher purpose that MIPT Vision may be fully realized. MIPT serves corporations and their employees with the attitude and principal that employers and employees are engaged in a collaborative effort in both business and life; a committed engagement that carries over from the work place to beyond where employees loyally serve their employers and in return employers are invested in their employee’s wellness.